Shrub is a colonial-era drink whose name is derived from the Arabic word sharab, to drink. It is a concentrated syrup made from fruit, vinegar, and sugar that is traditionally mixed with water to create a refreshing drink that is simultaneously tart and sweet. In the nineteenth-century, the drink was often spiked with brandy or rum.
— Entry in The Art of Taste, Slow food Foundation
The word shrub calls to mind a short, stemmy, woody plant, similar to a bush but maybe even a bit bushier. It also refers to a delicious vinegar-based syrup that makes any drink-alcoholic or not-more refreshing. That’s the shrub I’m talking about.
— Entry in SHRUBS, michael dietsch

Our Shrub Company

Josh and Tomo met in 2009 while studying massage in upcountry Maui, Hawaii. Foodies at heart and always experimenting with new flavors, the pair brainstormed and studied food culture and finally decided to focus on “shrub vinegar preserves”. 

While traveling in Japan visiting family they had discovered a blueberry vinegar drink made by Tomo’s mother. The sweet of the blueberries and honey, and the sour from the vinegar made the most refreshing, balanced drink. With encouragement from mixologists and distillers, the couple started Maui Shrub Farm in 2016. Then in 2017 inspired by their Northwest roots they began Cascade Shrub Farm based in Bellingham Washington. 


Tomo earned her three year certificate in Japan as a nationally certified chef.  Josh studied food preservation and manufacturing process control at The University of California, Davis.  Harley is a 100% certified classic baby.


 Raw Organic Apple Cider Vinegar Benefits 

Aid Digestion, Detox, Strengthen immune system, Energize, Increase metabolism,   Healthy Living cultures, Antioxidants and Enzymes.

Photo: FotoMataio

Photo: FotoMataio