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Creative Cocktail and Soda mix

- Fresh off the Farm -

Maui Shrub Farm

We work with the best growers and producers on Maui to collect our rare tropical flavors. Our "Maui Shrub Farm" Shrub, is a beautiful handcrafted drinking vinegar, created using the finest organic and local Maui ingredients. Made in Haiku, Maui

Cascade Shrub Farm

For our Cascade flavor line we use locally sourced organic ingredients and support the northwest regions organic family owned  apple and berry farms . All of our Shrubs are made in micro batches with fresh seasonal ingredients.  Made in Bellingham, Washington

Our Shrub

Created with: Raw organic apple cider vinegar made from fresh Washington State apples (6% acetic acid). We locally source fruit and herbs from Northwest Washington and Maui, Hawaii and blend organic cane sugar and honey. Our Shrub is self preserving, shelf stable, GMO free, Gluten free, vegetarian, and Raw (with the mother of vinegar).

Create healthy beverages, signature cocktails and non-alcohol mocktails! Mix 1 part shrub to 10 parts still or sparkling water. It is the perfect refresher! Make 32 healthful drinks, spiked or not- with one 16 ounce bottle. Check out our recipe page for some delicious ideas.

We are a family Operated business. Established 2016.